Chicago mayor refuses to resign over furor caused by McDonald shooting

Chicago mayor refuses to resign over furor caused by McDonald shooting

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel refuses to resign amid the furor and the protests and has assembled another "task force" to look into the behavior of the Chicago police department.

Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emanuel, reiterated on Wednesday that he has no plans to resign from his position as the mayor of America’s third largest city. Chicago has been in a furor and in an uproar of violent protest since the release of a police video showing a police officer firing 16 bullets at a 17-year-old teenager.

Since the release of a police cruiser dash cam video, the city of Chicago has been enflamed in violent protests. The video shows white Chicago police officer, Jason Van Dyke, shooting black teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times in an altercation that occurred in October 2014, reports The Washington Post. The video and the demonstrations have created a national fury¬†about how police have become so much more violent in their almost immediate use of deadly force. Chicago is America’s second largest police department.

Protesters and others have called for Emanuel to resign and he has flatly refused. Emanuel was elected to a second term as Chicago’s mayor in April. On Tuesday Emanuel fired the police superintendent of Chicago amid rumors that he had squashed the release of the video. Emanuel stated that he never looks at evidence in a criminal investigation and said that he had not seen the video prior to its public release.

Back in April, the city of Chicago gave $5 million to McDonald’s family but the video wasn’t going to be released until a judge made the police department do so. On Nov. 24, the video was released just hours after Van Dyke had been arrested and charged with first degree murder.

After firing the police superintendent on Tuesday, Emanuel also announced that he was creating another “task force.” This one is charged with trying to increase civilian oversight of the police department. Emanuel has publicly stated his revulsion at seeing the video and further stated that he was not involved in the non release of the video between the October 2014 shooting and the mayoral election in April of this year.

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