Parents of former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie die on the same day

Parents of former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie die on the same day

Former NFL player's parents die of heart attacks, less than an hour apart.

The parents of former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie passed away Wednesday, within an hour of one another. Flutie took to Facebook to break the news.

ESPN reports that Flutie’s father, Dick Flutie had been stricken with illness, and died of a heart attack while in the hospital. Less than an hour later, Joan Flutie, Doug’s mother, suddenly had a heart attack, and passed away.

Flutie said in the Facebook post, “They say you can die of a broken heart, and I believe it.” He honored his parents in the post, saying that his parents “were always there for their children,” referencing his father’s coaching as a kid, and”through to this morning.”

In the post, Flutie goes on to say that “providing opportunities to their children” was the most critical part of their 56 years of marriage. Flutie went on to thank his followers for their condolences and prayers, on behalf of his family.

Flutie spent 12 seasons playing in the NFL. He played for the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, and San Diego Chargers during his time in the league. Flutie first garnered significant attention in 1984, while playing for Boston College. There, he completed a Hail Mary pass against Miami. Boston College expressed their sympathy toward Flutie via Twitter.

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