Sea level will rise regardless of climate changes

A new study has revealed that regardless of climate changes, the sea-level is determined to rise.

Climate scientists recently conducted a study that found the level of sea-level rise in recent years due to climate control is conservative compared to what is coming in future years, according to the Hoops News.

Scientists are saying that there is legitimate historical context to the theory that says in a period of slow climate change, sea-level rise would be as much as 25 feet in the matter of only a couple decades. In the study, it was found that the acceleration rate of the rise actually happened in a relatively shorter period of time.

Experts fear that this new information could seriously challenge waterways and totally change the layout of the coastlines across the globe.

The researchers believe the water will come from the melting ice from both poles. This will have an impact on wildlife in the north and south, but will predominately have a significant impact on the people living in massive metropolitan areas on the coastline of the U.S. both east and west sides. Currently, these areas are home to millions of residents.

“Studies have shown that both the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets contributed significantly to this sea level rise above modern levels.” said Anders Carlson, a co-author on the study. He went on to point out that, “Modern atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are today equivalent to those about three million years ago, when sea level was at least six meters higher because the ice sheets were greatly reduced.”

Another author of the same study said that the world is now entering “uncharted territory,” that every climate scientist fears. At this point, they are unsure as to whether there is any human way to stop what is happening.

In order to have a chance to battle the rise of the sea-level, scientists believe they need to start focusing on an even bigger picture. In order to do this, scientists are starting to focus on the problems and address them today, without any hesitation. By getting a head-start on tackling the issues that plague tomorrow, the hope is to stop the chain reaction.

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