Inquiry is Great, but No Panacea


The solution to our education woes is not iPads in every classroom, it’s not the replacement curriculum to Common Core, it’s not more testing, or less testing, and it’s not even some idealistic instructional approach like Montessori, Vygotsky, Inquiry, or anything else. If we want better education for our children, we need more, better teachers.

American Education – You Get What You Pay for

Overworked and tired businesswoman sleeping over a laptop in a desk at work in her office

To be a teacher, you need a specialized college degree, and a professional certification that needs to be renewed every few years. You’re held to some of the highest professional standards, have some of the most stringent background checks, and have one of the most difficult, accountable, and precarious careers out there. And after twenty years full-time experience, you’ll STILL be making significantly less than the national average of income earners.