Love is All You Need; What a Brilliant Concept!

Love is All You Need; What a Brilliant Concept!

It's always good to have our celebrities weigh in on political issues.

Watching and reading the news today is tough on a person’s mental state, with everything that is going on across the nation and the world.  Every day we are bombarded with continuous coverage of breaking events, such as President Trump and his wife not holding hands, a congressional candidate and reporter getting into a scuffle in Montana, and students walking out on a commencement speech.

It’s a wonder we have any semblance of sanity left after hearing of such atrocities being committed daily.  Why would anyone expect this nation to survive with headlines such as these blaring from our televisions and in our social media feeds?

That is why it is always refreshing to hear one of our entertainers or Hollywood celebrities weigh in on politics and events of the world.  We can always count on getting a new perspective from them, as ordinary citizens like us, who are in touch with the American public.

They sometimes slip out from behind their walled houses and gated communities, get their limo drivers to take them to the studio, where a talk show host will question them about how the worthless politicians and statesmen elected by the unsuspecting public should be handling the affairs of state.

And normally they are spot on with our own opinions about such matters, since they have their “finger on the pulse” of commonplace everyday life, as we do.  I mean, why wouldn’t they?  They are just like us and put their designer jeans on one leg at a time.

This week we are being told that we could bring an end to terrorism across the globe if we would all just express our love for one another.  When I heard that, my head just exploded!  Why haven’t we thought of that before?

Then I started to realize that concept was not all that new.  Some two thousand years ago, according to the Bible, Jesus told the people of the world to love their neighbors as they love themselves.  That concept is a part of almost every serious religion in some form or another.  Peace and love.  Problem is, us humans seem to have a problem understanding or acting on that sentiment.

Sure, we love our families and our friends, and maybe our neighbors down the street, but when it comes to loving those across town, or across the border or the ocean, we start to have a little difficulty.  And it’s not just because of the time we live in.  History is littered with bloody wars and horrible massacres perpetrated on citizens of the world by forces carrying a religious flag.  And no religion is exempt.

Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could only call our enemies together and have a great big hug, and call an end to all hostilities?  Sadly, those who wish to do us harm don’t exactly adhere to the “love thy neighbor” mantra.  I wouldn’t advise those living in bombed-out buildings and abandoned cars in Syria to start singing love songs to ISIS as they come to round up their sons and daughters to be suicide bombers and sex slaves.  I’m just not sure they would respond in kind.

Maybe we could ask our singers and entertainers to go to ISIS-held territories to sing about love and understanding to the jihadists.  Probably wouldn’t work because ISIS fighters might not have the $100-plus it takes to buy a ticket to hear our entertainers sing about love and understanding in concert.

Not saying it’s a bad idea, just thinking those who want to inflict terror on innocent civilian populations would not be willing to take part.  It’s not as if they haven’t heard about it in the past and just need to be reminded.  It appears they have willfully chosen a different path.

Besides, if Jesus couldn’t get it done, I don’t have a lot of confidence in our entertainment industry being able to pull it off.

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