It’s time for the left to realize it just doesn’t work that way

It’s time for the left to realize it just doesn’t work that way

Attempts to de-legitimize Donald Trump's presidency actually undermine the democratic process on which this country was founded.

Down throughout history there have been many instances where a united public takes on the established government of a nation and the result is an overthrow of the incumbent regime and replacement by a different form of government.  Often times it is a military takeover, but sometimes it is an ouster of a sitting official replaced by another, with backing from a different faction.

Of course, we Americans believe that only happens in third-world countries and we are somehow immune to such processes, protected by our constitution, our own military, and our court systems.

But take a good look at what is going on in the United States today.  We recently underwent a very contentious and polarizing election, in which the odds-on favorite candidate lost to an up-start underdog, whom almost everyone believed could not possibly be nominated for president, much less win the position.

Yet, win he did, and now the losing side is crying foul, blaming the loss on everything but the mold beneath the kitchen sink for the perceived wrongs and injustices suffered by the nation since their candidate lost.  Hashtags of NotMyPresident and other such phrases of hate and anger are sweeping the nation, and even some are calling the response to President Trump’s election as “The Resistance,” evoking memories of French fighters opposing a violent and criminal Nazi takeover in World War II.

All sorts of left-leaning groups, Hollywood elitists, most of the media, and virtually all of the Democratic Party’s officials are scouring every scrap of information trying to find a way to de-legitimize Trump’s Presidency, some even going as far as inventing news items that must later be retracted, even if the retractions are buried on the back pages out of the limelight.

Attacks on Trump and his family members, including his pre-teenaged son, are commonplace, and are even becoming popular among the haters.  Students are staging protests designed to prevent speakers for expressing a view that is different from what their professors have taught them, and claiming to be doing so to prevent intolerance.  Just stop and think about that for a moment.

See, the problem is you can’t just decide to ignore the laws and processes that have been set down to govern the United States for the last 200+ years.  Trump is a legitimate President, duly elected by the process that was in place as of November, 2016.  You may not like it, and you may even argue that he did not win the majority of votes, but he won the process.

Still, if you don’t like the process that elected Trump, work to change the process.  If you can get a majority of the people to agree with you, you can get it changed.  Until that point, however, it is the process we have used since America was founded, and your only option is to accept that your candidate lost.

Unless you are successful in changing the election process, you will have another chance to elect your preferred candidate it 2020.  And that is the way it works.  By living in the United States as a citizen of this nation, you consent to be governed under the processes in place now, and you have every right to use those processes to change the current process.  You do not have the right to ignore any process or laws you choose, any more than I have the right to take something of yours that doesn’t belong to me, simply because I think it would be better if I had it.

There is no force that compels you to live in the United States if you don’t approve of its laws and regulations, nor is there any law that forces anyone from another country to come to the US.    Use the political processes in place to change laws you think are unjust, or feel free to live anywhere else in the world.  But you must accept the laws and rules that guide our nation, if you want to live here, even if they may not coincide with your own personal beliefs.

Today, Donald Trump is your President.  You can change that in four years.  And that’s the way it works.

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