What a difference a few well-chosen words on immigration can make

What a difference a few well-chosen words on immigration can make

The time for twisting words and political correctness has passed, and both sides should get to work on solving the immigration crisis in the US

Many problems and issues are plaguing the world we know today, and it would seem to be prudent to focus our energies on these difficulties.  But instead, we seem to get hung up over a few words, spoken by a politician at some point, either in the campaigning or in the execution of their official duties.

Once those words are uttered in public, or caught on what was thought to be a private conversation, later to be released to the public and media, you can’t put them back in the can, and that is leading our elected officials to choose their words carefully, lest they be perceived as damaging in a later campaign or job interview.

One of the most recently famous was President Obama choosing to never say the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” as if by not saying it aloud, it was somehow less frightening.  Of course, the right seized upon that and paraded it around the news cycles, again, as if, by getting the President to utter the phrase, it would lessen the impact of the terrorists.

You can argue back and forth about the use of the phrase all you want. But it appears most of the Islamic terrorists we know about are radical, and we are sure they are behind the terror attacks they willingly take credit for perpetrating, so why the stubbornness on the word “radical?”  Probably over 99 percent of followers of Islam are not radical terrorists, and it would seem to me that the modifier would be welcome from them to distinguish their peaceful faith from those who seek to kill and destroy.

At any rate, far too much conversation was centered around whether the President could bring himself to mouth the words, and what was his reasoning for not doing so.  And all that rhetoric accomplished exactly zero.

Today, we are in the same war of words over immigration, or really immigration by those persons that do not have the correct documents to allow them to live in the United States.  Whether you identify them as illegal immigrants or undocumented workers, or any other popular catch phrase currently circulated among the word police, they still identify that same group of people.

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