Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Joanna Gaines

I warned of this a few years ago to my friends on social media and here (unfortunately) is more proof that I was right. Chip and Joanna Gaines are the newest victims, yes victims. I’ve always said I’m not against gay marriage due to two people deciding to get married. My issue was the social, political, and legal implications. I knew this was not the end, but just the beginning. And the recent “scandal” of the personal beliefs of Chip and Joanna Gaines proves it.

There is no scandal. There is nothing outrageous going on. Two Christians are going to a church where something that has been believed for two thousand years is being taught. So let  us stop pretending to be so horridly shocked.

I am so tired of seeing Christians singled out for believing the Bible while the Quran teaches that homosexuality is a sin and those practicing it should be punished (Quran 4:16, 7:80-84, 26:165-166). And before you say, “That’s just radical Muslims,” let’s not forget that homosexuals are beheaded, hanged, and stoned in modern Saudi Arabia and Iran where Muhammad’s laws are applied. Maybe you think it’s a view point that is not shared in the United States. Then why would the Council on American-Islamic relations frequently host events with Muslim preachers who speak out against homosexuality and are known for threatening violence against LGBT-friendly mosques such as Siraj Wahhaj who threatened to burn down such a mosque in Toronto.

No, it’s a real issue in America too.  However, Christians get jumped all over when they won’t bake a cake or they simply go to a church that teaches homosexuality is a sin. Where is the media when a Muslim bakery won’t bake a cake? Where is the public outcry?

Is it because Christians are considered weak and easy targets? Hey let’s lash out at Christians, they will only turn the other cheek! But to my knowledge there is no rule in Islam of turning the other cheek. Here is the true bigotry, Muslims don’t get the same treatment because of fear of retaliation. They are a protected people group (in the media) that liberals feel are bullied and not allowed the freedoms Christians  have. To make things “fair” liberals would have the  Christians’ right to religious freedom taken away  in order to elevate the liberties of protected people groups (ie. gay marriage, transgender, Muslims, and many others) which hold opposing views to a Christian world view. This is not a solution that the Constitution supports. The rights of all people must be equal.

Let’s allow people to choose their comfort level in the work place and where they go to church. Why do we need to mandate that everyone agree? There is  a militant agenda now to make everyone (except Muslims of course) profess the fabulousness of gay marriage and homosexuality. I disagree and amazingly enough it doesn’t mean I hate you.

Personally, I cannot stand the dramatization of 90% of HGTV’s shows. But my wife and I like watching Chip and Joanna’s show together. It would be a shame if they were discriminated against for their protected right to believe what they want and cancelled.

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