Did Hillary Clinton win the popular vote?

Did Hillary Clinton win the popular vote?

The 2016 map isn't yet available, what will the end results be?

Tim Kaine, in the least conciliatory of the post-election speeches, claimed Hillary won the popular vote:

With 92% of the vote counted, CNN also reports that Clinton is winning the popular vote.

But is that the whole story?

Gary Johnson, running on the Libertarian ticket, received a little over 4 million votes, or approximately 3.23%, while Jill Stein, the Green Party Candidate, received 1.2 Million, closing in on 1%. Evan McMullin received 440,000 votes, and write-ins and others recieved another 670,000.

Non-Trump Voters Trump voters
~65,388,000 ~58,838,000

More than 6.5 million voted against Trump than for him.

But that doesn’t make Hillary more popular:

Non-Clinton Voters Clinton Voters
~65,156,000 ~59,071,000

Proof positive: More voters were against the 2 major candidates than for them. Not terribly surprising, but neither candidate, as of this count, can claim to have won the popular vote.

On top of that, 46.9% didn’t vote at all:


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