Because we all love to pay more in taxes

Because we all love to pay more in taxes

So many are complaining about others not paying taxes, while using the same tactics to reduce their own payments.

Crying foul over Trump’s lack of tax-paying by those making millions of dollars per year because they chose to work in “public service” doesn’t resonate with the majority of voters, despite the press wanting to take the story and run with it.

And let’s face it, those “middle-class citizens” that you hear about so much, those making less than $125,000 a year, already knew the tax system was rigged against us.  We already knew that most of those making millions were paying little in taxes.  We also know that’s why American corporations are moving their operations to other countries, to avoid paying taxes to the US.

The US Tax Code is reportedly over 70,000 pages long, and one source says the passage of the Affordable Care Act added over 3,000 pages to the code by itself.  Middle class Americans have no idea what is in the code, and even if they downloaded it to their tablets, would fall asleep reading it before reaching the 200-page mark.

We won’t even take time to read the contract by which we agree to abide whenever we download new apps to our smartphones, and I would be willing to bet the overwhelming majority have never read their health, car, or homeowners insurance documents.

But every four years, politicians promise to change the tax code to benefit the working class Americans, or to grow the economy, usually depending on the political party platform.  Thirty  years ago, President Reagan signed the Tax Reform Act of 1986, while saying this was a tax code that was fair and simpler for most Americans.  Today’s tax code has almost three times as many pages as it did in 1986.

But the bottom line is I expect to pay taxes on what I earn, and I can’t begrudge anyone that has found a way to avoid paying them, as long as the same opportunities are available to me.  And I don’t really object to paying my share of taxes.

I object to my tax dollars being spent to bomb countries across the world, to dollars wasted in repetitive government offices and trips to extravagant resorts to attend conferences, and to programs designed to give “free-anything” to able-bodied persons that choose to not work, because the government has incentivized becoming a ward of the state.

I am hoping for a candidate that will work to return fiscal responsibility to the US government, and one that will follow through if elected.

I would imagine the majority of the working middle-class would welcome the same, whether the candidates pay taxes or not.

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