The reason I don’t watch TV news anymore

The reason I don’t watch TV news anymore

When it comes to news information, tv has actually become the vast wasteland once predicted.

If you disagree, just watch Fox News for an hour, then shift to MSNBC for the next hour.  If they happen to cover the same stories, you won’t believe the differences in the way they are presented by the commenters, with each putting their particular slant on the coverage.

Meanwhile, both sides claim to be fair in their reporting and will cite a roster of pundits from the other side as regularly appearing on their respective networks.  Unfortunately, host interviewers rarely let the opposition speak without interrupting them, and most of the time will not even allow the guest to answer the question the host just asked.

I was taught very early on that interrupting someone was rude, but today it is the norm, rather than the exception.  I would very much like to hear what the opposing side has to say, but even if the host allows them to speak, many times another guest pundit is on as well and they just continue interrupting and talking, making the segment useless, as you cannot hear either guest’s opinion.

Not to mention, the news shows only allot a five-minute segment of their programming to ask questions of two or three guests about complicated issues, such as Obamacare, ISIS, and the Iran Nuclear Deal.  Really, do you expect to get any real information when you are forced to commercial almost as soon as the guest begins to speak?

So, I just gave up and quit watching them.  I will occasionally tune in, but I don’t stay long for the reasons mentioned above.

Sad to say, but the print media is not much better.  You can subscribe to a news magazine to get your info, but they all have the same bias as the cable networks, so you need to get one from each side, if you are really interested and can look at the issues with an open mind.  One is OK if you just want something to reinforce what you already believed.

But print media has one advantage.  You can read the entire article written with a conservative slant, and then find one on the same story with a liberal bias.  You have to read about the same issue twice, but most of the time, the articles don’t seem to be at all similar.

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