There is a chance neither Clinton nor Trump could be our next president

There is a chance neither Clinton nor Trump could be our next president

Unlikely scenario could find a different face in the Oval Office in January.

Couple that with all the back room deals being made between parties’ members to keep their positions and power (yes, I watched House of Cards), stranger things have happened.

In the election of 1824, Andrew Jackson won the most votes in the general election, but failed to collect enough electoral votes to secure the presidency.  The House elected second-place finisher John Quincy Adams as the next president, after Henry Clay, the fourth-place finisher, threw his support behind Adams.  Incidentally, Clay was later appointed Secretary of State by Adams (visualize Kevin Spacey’s signature turn of the head here).

So, at least temporarily, Tim Kaine or Mike Pence could be the next President of the United States, “until the deadlock is resolved in the House.”

I wouldn’t hit the panic button just yet.  Trump could very likely talk himself out of the race with his off-the-cuff comments that the media seize upon so quickly, and Clinton’s scandal-plagued past may eventually catch up with her, at least with the voters, since government agencies don’t seem to be concerned.

Or both scenarios could play out, and the country see a third-party candidate become president, or even one of the current VP candidates.

It’s going to be an interesting next six months for sure.

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