Several stabbed in London subway as incident being called terrorist attack

Several stabbed in London subway as incident being called terrorist attack

A couple of people were stabbed on Saturday night at a London subway station by a man who kept shouting that "this is for Syria."

On Saturday night, several people were stabbed on a subway in London and police there are calling the incident a “terrorist act”. Police say they were summoned to a subway station in the eastern end of the city after reports of several people being stabbed were called in.

London police report that one man was brutally stabbed by an assailant that was yelling out, “this is for Syria” as he was bringing his knife down, according to USA Today. The stabbing happened at the Leytonstone station and there was a huge pool of blood at the scene according to police and other witnesses.

An unidentified man who is said to be 29 years old was tasered by police at the scene and taken into immediate custody. He was charged with attempted murder. There was a video made of the incident that was quickly loaded up to various social media platforms. The knife wielding attacker’s victim is a 56 year old male and medical personnel expect the man to recover from his injuries.

Another person was only slightly injured in the attack while another female was threatened by the attacker but was not set upon and managed to escape. The knife has been described as about only 3 inches long with a rather thin looking blade to it. Scotland Yard made a public statement that they were treating the incident as a “terrorist attack” and urged the populace of London to remain as calm as possible.

In November, Prime Minister David Cameron addressed the nation and told the British people that British security forces had stopped 7 terrorist attacks over the course of the last 6 months. Britain has recently entered into the civil war that is raging in Syria. They are with the American led coalition and have already begun air attacks on Islamic State positions there. Police believe that this is what may have prompted the subway attacks.

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