Raspberry Pi announces $5 computer

Raspberry Pi announces $5 computer

The small, affordable computer was designed to get more people into programming, without a cost barrier.

The makers of the Raspberry Pi computer announced Thursday that the company’s next fully-functional computer will sell for $5.

ABC News reports that the computer, called the Raspberry Pi Zero, will be about the size of a pack of chewing gum. The tiny computer is expected to give new possibilities to not only programmers, but also students who will be able to learn about programming in a more accessible format.

Projects such as creating games and building a small robot are popular options for the Raspberry Pi Zero. The original Raspberry Pi Model B put a programmable computer in the hands of anyone willing to spend around $30. In a blog post, Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton said, “Since 2012, millions of people have used a Raspberry Pi to get their first experience of programming, but we still meet people for whom cost remains a barrier for entry.” ¬†At the beginning of this year, Raspberry Pi began working on the Raspberry Pi Zero to help even more people have access to programming.

The Raspberry Pi runs on the Raspbian operating system and can run applications like Minecraft, Sonic Pi, a program that allows its users to create new sounds using code, and Scratch, which is used to create stories, games, and animations.

The Raspberry Pi Zero comes with a 1Ghz chip, a micro SC slot, and Micro USB ports, which will allow the user to connect to the internet. The computer also has a mini-HDMI socket, meaning that someone could attach the Raspberry Pi Zero to a TV or monitor and turn it into a fully functional computer.

Customers can order a Raspberry Pi Zero through Adafruit or at a local Micro Center. In the United Kingdom, the computer is being given away free with copies of MagPi magazine.

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