WEEKEND MOVIES: The Final ‘Hunger Games’ Uneven But Action Packed

WEEKEND MOVIES: The Final ‘Hunger Games’ Uneven But Action Packed

While 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2' (***) is a bit uneven and the plot drags along sometimes, fans should be well pleased with this explosive and action packed finale to the film quartet.

The finale of The Hunger Games film quartet, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (***), is a bit uneven and the story line tends to drag sometimes but the action scenes are superb and, overall, fans should be pleased with this thrilling and action packed finale.

After surviving two battle to the death movies, archer and heroine, Jennifer Lawrence, once again faces a thrilling battle to the death, reports USA Today. Overall, the movie moves along at an uneven pace and its revolutionary message tends to get obscured by a slow plot and much over acting. However, the action scenes are the best of the four films.

The unevenness and the slow pacing starts right out of the gate as third time director Francis Lawrence picks up the tale of our heroes right where the last film left off. Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss has rescued Josh Hutcherson’s Peeta but Peeta is no longer the same young man as he has been brainwashed into thinking that Katniss is an evil villainess and he must try and rescue himself from the brink of total madness.

The first half hour or so is concerned with the immediate continuation of the previous film and it is slow going until the rebel’s plan for taking the capitol of Panem is finally completed and ready to be launched. As the rebels begin their slog from the District 2 fortress they took out to Panem, Rebel leader, Julianne Moore, continues to inspire them to keep moving toward their goal.

The love triangle between Lawrence, Hutcherson and her childhood friend played by Liam Hemsworth is still intact though it is Lawrence’s Katniss who just seems focused on her plan to murder the monstrous President Snow played by the legendary Donald Sutherland.

The major challenge with the film is that there are too many characters with far too much drama going on with them. It slows things down for the most part but there is that compelling need to wrap things up with both the story and the characters so that the fans of the books will be satisfied. While the script is uneven and uses some silly and time worn metaphors, it is the final action scenes that seem to raise the movie to where it should have been.

It is in the last third or so of the film that the action and explosiveness begins to kick into high gear. In the final analysis, it wasn’t really necessary to split the last book into two films that are over four hours long together. Too much filler and irrelevant scenes slowed things down. But, then again, this is Hollywood where all that really matters is profit.

For fans, though, it should be a fitting end to the brave heart and noble spirit of their beloved archer, Katniss.


**** Great Movie. A must see.

*** Very Good. Worth your precious time and hard earned money.

** OK but could have been better. See it if you’re in the mood for a movie.

* Don’t bother. Not worth your precious time or hard earned money. Go outside and play instead.

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