The Seat-Kickers Win Recent Poll as the Most Obnoxious Airline Passengers

The Seat-Kickers Win Recent Poll as the Most Obnoxious Airline Passengers

Expedia has commissioned their new market research with regard to the most annoying airline passengers. It was a close race this year but the seat-kickers won out again. The one that finished second probably should have finished first in many people's minds.

For the second year in a row the seat-kickers have claimed the title of most annoying and obnoxious airline passengers. The results of a research survey conducted by Expedia had 61 percent of those polled for their survey identifying people who continually kick the backs of their seats as the most obnoxious of all plane travelers.

Expedia does an annual survey entitled The Airplane Etiquette Study, according to Fox News. The study is carried out by an international marketing firm hired by Expedia. The study sampled the opinions of 1,019 adult Americans with regard to what they found to be the most ill mannered behavior on airplanes.

Expedia also carried out annual research with regard to the most annoying hotel guests. This year, inattentive parents came in first in that study by a wide margin. In the airline passenger study, inattentive parents came in a close second to the seat-kickers at 59 percent. Despite the seat kickers, most people believe that parents who tolerate ill-mannered behavior from the children are the worst of the lot.

The “aromatic” passenger finished a close third behind the seat kickers and the rude parents. Fully half of the people polled do not care to sit near someone who is giving off an odor that gets trapped inside the plane. Coming in at number four are what the researchers referred to as the “audio insensitive” group. They are not hard to spot as they tend to live in their own oblivious bubble worlds and talk and play music at insensitive volumes. But, then again, if these people WERE sensitive to the feelings of their fellow passengers they wouldn’t be audio insensitive.

The final two rounding out the top six were the Booze Hound and the Chatty Cathy. No one really cares for someone that has had far too much to drink on the flight and everyone knows that a Chatty Cathy can keep up a constant and inane dialogue from Boston all the way to Los Angeles on a non-stop.

Here are the final standings with percentages in parenthesis:

1 – Seat Kicker (61), 2 – Inattentive parents (59), 3 – Aromatic Flyer (50),  4 – Audio Insensitive (50), 5 – Booze Hound (45), 6 – Chatty Cathy (43), 7 – Carry on Baggage Hogs (38), 8 – The Queue Jumper (Those that leap up to get off before the plane even stops), 9 – Seat Recliner Guy/Girl, 10 – Overhead Bin Hog (Just throws their bag into the first bin they find instead of the one nearest to their seat).

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