POP NEWS: Lennon Guitar Sold at Auction; Trump Gets Heckled on SNL

POP NEWS: Lennon Guitar Sold at Auction; Trump Gets Heckled on SNL

A guitar once owned by John Lennon in the early 1960's sold at auction on Saturday for an enormous sum and The Donald took the stage to host 'Saturday Night Live' and was immediately heckled by someone he knows.

A six string acoustic guitar belonging to the legendary songwriter John Lennon was auctioned off on Saturday. The auction was held at Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills. The guitar was as Gibson J-160E that Lennon had been in possession of early in his days with the Beatles. It is a guitar on which he wrote such songs as I Want to Hold Your Hand and Love Me Do.

The guitar, according to USA Today , sold for $2.4 million to an undisclosed buyer. The Gibson was only one of two known to exist. The guitars were originally shipped from England to America in 1962 so that they could be used by both Lennon and George Harrison. The guitar was played during a Beatles Christmas concert back in 1963 and Lennon eventually gave the guitar to Harrison.

A man in San Diego bought the guitar sometime back in the 1960’s but knew nothing of its history or potential value. He bought the guitar for $275. He was reading an old magazine story one day and noticed the picture of George Harrison in the story. He thought the guitar that was being held by Harrison looked familiar. He had it appraised and the lineage was officially established.


Before Donald Trump even got a few seconds into his opening monologue on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday he was jumped on and heckled. The Donald was hosting the show against the wishes of many of his handlers and against the wishes of the many protesters who had gathered outside the television studio to protest his presence there.

Someone in the audience yelled out that he was a racist. When Trump searched for the heckler, it turned out to be writer and comedian Larry David. Trump, flustered, asked David was he thought he was doing. David told Trump that he heard that someone would give him $5,000 if he called it out. Trump told David that he respected his decision as a businessman.

For many, Trump hosting the Saturday night television staple could very well have been a disaster. He didn’t have to do it. When asked why he decided to host the show, Trump replied: “I wanted to show that I could take a joke. Besides, I had nothing better to do.”

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