WEEKEND MOVIES: “Spotlight” is Important, Searing Modern Masterpiece

WEEKEND MOVIES: “Spotlight” is Important, Searing Modern Masterpiece

The new film, "Spotlight" (****) is destined to become a modern classic masterpiece as it brilliantly and intensely tells the tale of how a team at The Boston Globe uncovered the horror of the Catholic Christian pedophile priests.

The new film release, “Spotlight” (****), opens this weekend and it may turn out to be one of this year’s best films. It is a well crafted masterpiece of writing, acting, and direction and could be end up being revered as this generation’s “All the President’s Men.”

The film is opening in Boston, New York and Los Angeles this weekend and will go into nationwide release on November 20, according to USA Today. The film is directed by Tom McCarthy and it shows the workings of an investigative team at The Boston Globe which blew wide open the pedophile horror let loose by Catholic Christian priests in Boston. Because of their work, the pedophilia of the priests became a worldwide scandal that the Catholic Christian Church still hasn’t recovered from.

The Boston Globe investigative reporters were awarded the Pulitzer Prize for their brilliant work in 2002. The film really starts when new editor Marty Baron, played by Leiv Schreiber, shows up at the Globe newsroom in 2001 and begins to demand that The Globe start digging really deep into certain areas. The team is led by their editor played by Michael Keaton and he as well as team reporters played by Rachael McAdams and Mark Ruffalo are less than thrilled to take on Catholic Christianity in predominately Irish/Italian Catholic Boston. They all decide to make the leap and that soon makes for great drama and important filmmaking.

The direction and script are superb and the cast reflects the veteran brilliance of all of its experienced players. McCarthy is brilliant in his direction as he doesn’t stoop or pander to showing any of the actual pedophilia. He allows the victims of the abuse to tell their nightmarish tales which makes for a true horror film within the film. The lawyer for the victims is played by the great Stanley Tucci who just adds additional luster to an already outstanding cast.

There will likely be, and deservedly so, references made to the legendary “All the President’s Men”. This is a truly important, searing, and epic tale spectacularly brought to the screen by a great script, a great director, and a great cast.


**** A great move. A must see.

*** Very good. Well worth your time and your money.

** OK but could have been better. See it if you are in the mood for a movie.

* Forget about it. Don’t waste your time or your money. Go outside and play instead.



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