WEEKEND MOVIES: Latest James Bond Film Falls a Bit Short of Expectations

WEEKEND MOVIES: Latest James Bond Film Falls a Bit Short of Expectations

The latest James Bond thriller, "Spectre," will be the final appearance for Daniel Craig as 007 and it opens nationwide on Friday.

The latest entry in the James Bond franchise is Spectre, and it opens nationwide on Friday. It is also the last time James Bond fans will see Daniel Craig playing the British superspy 007. The latest entry in the series falls somewhat short of the usual expectations for a Bond film.

Too many things seem to be getting in the way of the traditional Bond story. Sam Mendes returns as director after steering the Bond transition film Skyfall brilliantly. Mendes starts off with the proverbial bang of chase scenes and spectacular crashes but the film never really seems to find its real footing, according to USA Today.

Craig, too, seems to know its the end of the road for him as he was beginning to look long in the tooth even during Skyfall. Craig has only made four James Bond films. Fans have not been overly thrilled with him as Bond and have been less thrilled that fans were not seeing a James Bond flick every other year like they had in the past. For the most part, Mendes is reliant on huge set pieces rather than trying to focus on a deeper story line though Bond and the new, and younger, Q are intertwined for a deeper moment within the movie.

The franchise has transitioned and there are all new players to get used to. There is a new Moneypenny, a new M and a new Q. And, the next time around, there will be a new 007. Mendes had an opportunity to further the transition and set things up for the next time but ends up just remaining with the formula.

The film starts off where Skyfall pretty much left off with some incredible Bond-like thrills and action. Bond discovers, however, that his past, and maybe even his future, hinges on a ring shrouded in mystery. The ring is adorned with a carved octopus. Mendes has a sure hand on the film, as always, but certain things just never seem to click like the romantic chemistry between Bond and his love interest in this film.

In the end, Mendes get too lost in the past and revisits old Bond memories that were best left alone.


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