Oklahoma State University car crash suspect faces 2nd-degree murder charges and has bail set at $1 million

Oklahoma State University car crash suspect faces 2nd-degree murder charges and has bail set at $1 million

The suspect who allegedly drove her car through the Oklahoma State University homecoming crowd, killing four people, has been charged with four counts of second-degree murder.

The suspect in a car crash that occurred Saturday morning during the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade crash faces second-degree murder charges, and has had her bail set at $1 million and a psychological evaluation ordered. Witnesses said Adacia Chambers, 25, drove her car through several barriers, hit a parked police car, and then drove into the parade crowd. Three adults and a 2-year-old boy were killed. At least 46 others were injured.

Chambers was arrested on a charge of driving while under the influence, but is being held on four additional counts of second-degree murder. Her attorney, Tony Coleman, said she had not been drinking and that it is his opinion that she suffers from mental illness, an assessment that the suspect’s father agrees with. Chambers claims the only thing about the crash that she remembers is people removing her from her car.

Coleman met with Chambers before her arraignment and said she was “totally lacking in emotion,” which reinforced his belief that she may have mental issues. Her father, Floyd Chambers, told reporters that his daughter had previously been hospitalized for mental illness. However, he and others who know her said they are in shock that Chambers was involved in the incident. The suspect’s father said he is certain that his daughter would not have done this intentionally, a claim one prosecutor has made.

Chambers boyfriend said she was sober when she left for work at about 8:30 Saturday morning, shortly before the accident. Family members who were with her at Oklahoma State University homecoming festivities on Friday night did not see her drink any alcohol, according to Coleman, and her boyfriend said she was home by 10:00 p.m.

Witnesses of the crash said bodies flew though the air when the car drove into the crowd, with people landing in the road. Four of those hurt were critically injured.  Witness Konda Walker, who said she was only about 50 feet from the scene of the crash, said there were injured people and bodies lying “all over the place.”

The homecoming game proceeded as scheduled, although the pep rally before the game was cancelled.. The stadium’s U.S. flag was at half-staff under orders from Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin. Players knelt in prayer at the 25-yard line before the game began. OSU won the game 58-10.

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