Florida sinkhole that swallowed sleeping man in 2013 to be filled in again

The body of Jeffrey Bush was never found two years ago when a sinkhole suddenly opened up underneath his home as he slept — and now, it has opened up again even after being patched up, so engineers will have to do it all over again.

The house was swallowed up by the sinkhole, which was near Tampa, and heavy rains opened up it yet again after it had been patched after the initial event, according to a KRMG report.

The heavy rains probably caused hydraulic stress on the sinkhole, causing it to reopen and once again causing a hazard for the surrounding community. Engineers are hard at work already to start getting it patched up for a second time.

Bush died after the sinkhole first opened in March 2013 when the floor suddenly gave way beneath him, swallowing him up and burying him. He had been sleeping in his bedroom at the time. His body was never discovered.

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