Trump uses FreedomFest speech to argue against Freedom

Trump uses FreedomFest speech to argue against Freedom

Trump speaks at libertarian conference, argues against libertarian principles.

Say what you want about Donald Trump, his presence in the 2016 Presidential Race makes for great theatre.

Appearing at FreedomFest in Las Vegas Saturday, addressing an audience of small-to-no-government libertarian types, Trump spoke of his big government plans, like a super strong military, tightly managing the wrong people coming in the country, and only allowing free trade when it’s negotiated by his type of government officials.  We don’t need freedom, we need better Government.  Trump’s speech was peppered with tepid response.

“You can’t be great if you don’t have a border…you can’t, no matter what you do, and  you can’t be great if China is taking all our jobs”.  The American people cannot be great without protectionism and xenophobia.

But hey, it’s not about hating other cultures and wanting to keep them away from us.  “I love China…They’re my tenant”.  “I love China, I love Mexico, I tell everybody”, he started as an introduction to indicating that our Government is being outsmarted by the Mexican government.

He brings a man to the stage who’s son was murdered by an illegal immigrant.  Naturally, the conclusion we should come to, is that we have to have the US government protect us, because otherwise, people die.  “There is something really sick out there”.

People have to come here legally, Trump argued.  We need laws to regulate people, they need permission to come through the wall Trump wants to build between the US and Mexico.  How Orwellian.

I suppose it could be said he was speaking out against the Government, but it was the Mexican government.

“The American dream is dead.  But I’m going to make it bigger and better and stronger”, Trump said, while complaining  how dishonest the press are.  With bigger Government, we can restore the American dream.  Government creates jobs.  Why can’t Americans take our calls, rather than people from New Delhi?

“I believe in Free Trade, but, you have to have good negotiators”.  You know, Government negotiators.  To make free trade deals.  Please people can’t trade with one another, without government negotiators.  Trump knows all the best ones.

Perhaps we could have this new one-sentence law, proposed by Mike “Mish” Shedlock:  “All tariffs and all government subsidies on all goods and services will be eliminated effective June 1, 2015.”  (Okay, maybe a later date).  I’m not sure how tough our negotiators would need to be.

The full speech is available from MSNBC.

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