Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill: Your body, my choice

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill: Your body, my choice

Highly controversial bill ties school access to mandated vaccines over parent objections

California Governor Jerry Brown signs into law  “incendiary” Senate bill  277 yesterday, according to a report in the San Jose Mercury News.

In a signing message, Brown indicated: “The science is clear that vaccines dramatically protect children against a number of infectious and dangerous diseases.  While it’s true that no medical intervention is without risk, the evidence shows that immunization powerfully benefits and protects the community.”

In doing so, the choice, at least as it pertains to getting access to California schools, is now not parental, but Governmental, in stark contrast to Brown’s well documented pro-abortion stance.  Quoted from his 2010 campaign: “I have also been an uncompromising champion of a woman’s right to choose. I will continue to do so if I am elected Governor.”  Apparently, that right to choose does not extend to a mother for her child, not to protect the child’s right to choose for oneself what is and isn’t placed into the child’s body.

The CDC indicates 5 outbreaks of a total of 178 cases of Measles this year to date, including 147 from a well-documented Disneyland outbreak earlier this year, providing the impetus for the bill.  While there are no reports of measles death in the last 10 years, Health Impact News cites figures of 108 deaths attributable to the measles vaccine.  Actor Jim Carrey went on a twitter rant, according to the Washington Post: “California Gov says yes to poisoning more children with mercury and aluminum in manditory [sic] vaccines.  This corporate fascist must be stopped.”

The hotly contested bill was not without it’s fierce opposition.  Republican Assemblywoman Catharine Baker said during last week’s floor debate: “We should fight for the liberty not just of those who don’t want to vaccine their kids, but for those who cannot.”

Pro-choice advocates vowed to continue to fight.  Christina Hildebrand, mother of two unvaccinated children, and president of A Voice For Choice is quoted in the Mercury News as saying: “We will continue to fight this — we are not going away.”

“Parents are being bullied into having their children vaccinated or not sending their kids to school,” said Cupertino mother Renate Krogdahl at a rally after the Senate vote, as quoted by ABCnews.

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