The Power is Ours, Not Theirs

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It happens more often than you think, where core classes are staffed with rotating substitutes for weeks, months at a time, and students just give up. They don’t try. The books are there, there are lessons on YouTube, entire classes on KhanAcademy, and so on. Yet instead of using these resources to learn the material, they most often see it as a free pass to goof around and do nothing, then offer up the excuse, “we didn’t have a teacher.”

American Education – You Get What You Pay for

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To be a teacher, you need a specialized college degree, and a professional certification that needs to be renewed every few years. You’re held to some of the highest professional standards, have some of the most stringent background checks, and have one of the most difficult, accountable, and precarious careers out there. And after twenty years full-time experience, you’ll STILL be making significantly less than the national average of income earners.

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