Ahh, Weed

Ahh, Weed

Not sure why it's illegal in the first place.

In the latest headline, the great state of Oregon, one of ten states to have legalized marijuana for recreational use, now sees a supply surplus over demand by 2-to-1.  Apparently, they have so much pot that it would take six-and-a-half years to smoke it all, and that’s assuming they don’t grow any more.

So the solution is to restrict the number of licenses they hand out.

I don’t understand how we can say we have a free-market economy when no matter what happens the solution always seems to be government interference.

The other thing is, I don’t understand what the hubbub is about.  At this point, it’s fairly common knowledge that all the reasons for criminalizing marijuana back in the 1950s are complete bunk.  There were basically two in case you haven’t heard: we don’t like Mexicans and we think all Mexicans smoke pot, and because hemp competes with the cotton industry.

That’s it: government interference and more government interference.

It’s less dangerous than alcohol, and of course you can buy alcohol.  It’s less addictive than tobacco, and of course you can buy tobacco.  And yet, federal laws have yet to be amended to allow people to live their lives free of government intrusion.

The fact is: marijuana is a plant that grows like a weed (hence the name) throughout the United States.  It’s been used medicinally for at least 4000 years and recreationally for probably longer than that.  It’s been an innocuous part of the human condition throughout most of our history and pre-history, and now suddenly we slap laws and prohibitions on it.  Suddenly we want to turn it into an industry to tax and regulate it.  Suddenly we have to dabble in its economy to manipulate the supply and demand and protect the commercial growers.


It’s a plant.  It grows like a weed.  I once found a marijuana plant growing in a crack of pavement outside the restaurant I was working at.  And this is what you want to regulate.  I have passion fruit growing in my front yard; you want to regulate that?  Or maybe you want to regulate my coconut trees?

I actually haven’t smoked in years and I don’t plan to, either.  But it’s really tempting to toss a few seeds into the yard just to give a fat middle finger to all this nonsense.

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