I’ll Wait for the Truth

I’ll Wait for the Truth

Let's not forget that everything coming out of the white house has been used as toilet paper. I'll wait for the actual report, thank you.

I don’t believe the Barr letter.

Mind you, this has nothing to do with the recent string of news stories about Mueller’s team making quiet statements regarding the credibility of his claim.  Rather, given that Mr. Barr is a Trump appointee and the single, binding attribute of everyone in Trump’s circle is a sense of flagrant dishonesty.  That is to say, since Trump appointed Barr, if Barr says something, it’s probably a lie.

Now it hasn’t left my mind that there could indeed be a finding of no collusion.  It’s possible.  It’s not even a big stretch of the imagination; we know from earlier reporting that Putin’s whole objective was to undermine the credibility of the American electoral process, and to paint a public image of Trump as having received their support plays into this narrative perfectly.

So yes, the Russians have every motive under the sun to frame such a crime.

It’s also possible that Trump, being a resounding idiot, managed to hire a team of staff who did a whole litany of crimes under his name while he took his fat ass off to the golf course.  He’s so disconnected from reality that this, too, isn’t a stretch of the imagination.

Of course it’s also possible that Trump is guilty as ever.  It’s possible the Mueller report lays out three-hundred pages of crimes the man is guilty of doing or having others do on his behalf.  That’s still on the table.

We simply can’t know at this point what’s really going on.  Even an ardent Trump supporter has to admit that he and everyone on his staff are completely full of shit.  I have to believe that’s what some people like about him; heck, George Carlin predicted Trump’s victory back in 1996 when he said: “We like our bullshit right out front where we can get a good, strong whiff of it.”

We won’t know anything until the actual, unredacted report is released.  Until that day, I choose not to trust in these people.

The important thing to remember, and this goes for both sides, is that the actual Mueller report is most likely sitting unopened somewhere on Barr’s desk, and that the letter Barr sent to Congress was most likely written months ago before the report was even delivered.

It was probably drafted during the job interview.

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