Could Climate Change Be a Good Thing?

Could Climate Change Be a Good Thing?

Could climate change be a good thing? Are we so invested in preserving the status quo that we've become blind to the possibilities?

I am ready to accept that I may have been wrong all these years, that climate change may be a good thing.  Or at least not a bad thing, but rather simply a thing neither good nor bad.  Certainly, I am no longer convinced climate change is anything we should fret over.

In the book of Genesis, God is said to have breathed his spirit into us to give us life.  We are, according to this description, composed of two elements: dust and a portion of God’s spirit.

“The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”
Job 33:4 NASV

Simple.  But what is the Spirit of God that we may understand what we’re made of?  There are many descriptors, but the one I’m continuously being drawn to is that the Spirit of God is truth.  In John 14:17, it describes this spirit of truth in that the world cannot accept Him because it neither sees Him nor knows Him.

So then, as we are made from the Spirit of God and the Spirit of God is a spirit of truth, then the truth is not merely a matter of what we say, but what we are composed of.  Truth is what we are.

And yet, we spend our whole lives running and hiding from truth.

In biology, cells create energy by chemical reactions across a membrane.  Two substances holding opposite charges, constantly trying to get to one another and constantly frustrated.  But remove the membrane and the cell dies, and with it we die.  So it is with electricity; the flow of electrons is caused by imbalance, and it is that very flow that creates all the things we do with electricity.  We power lights, refrigerators, heaters, charge our phones, everything is done by creating this imbalance and flow.  With balance there is peace, and with peace there is no flow, and without flow, no life.

So then, life is change and stagnation is death.  We seek every day of our lives to create stability, run from change, and preserve things as they are.  In a sense, we seek death.  We run from truth and into stagnation.  We desire equilibrium, lies, and death and shun change, truth, and life.

Life adapts to change because change is life.  Without change, life has no purpose.

The climate is changing.  The Earth is warming, and then it will cool.  And then it will warm again, and then it will cool again.  What we have created is a beautiful thing; we have instigated a change upon this Earth that promises to be more rapid, more profound, and unlike any change that has ever occurred as far as we know.

Billions of people will die.  Thousands of species will go extinct; we could be one of them.  We should not fear this, but welcome this.  If we all die out, we should die comfortably knowing we as a species were simply not worth the bother.  And in our ashes, a newer, more intelligent, more adaptable, better creature will live, one with enough sense to not destroy its own habitat.  Because life goes on.

And that’s the truth.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, math nerd, and exhausted father of two. Check out my latest book, A Dance to Remember, a gripping tragic romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you in tears. You can also find me on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis.

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