Ahem, There’s a Crisis in Yemen

Ahem, There’s a Crisis in Yemen

We have the money, we have the resources, and we have the logistical capabilities to make a real difference.

While the mainstream media content themselves with blasting the latest Trump tweet in the faces of people who for good reason don’t use Twitter, there’s a serious crisis in Yemen.  It’s been going on since before the fires in California, before the blue wave election, before the ‘caravan,’ and before our president’s European shenanigans on Veteran’s day.  Looking forward, Yemen is set to become the most horrifying human disaster of our time.

Located on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula, Yemen is home to one of the most ancient civilizations in history.  The Queen of Sheba is said to have hailed from there back in Biblical times, and the cities of Sana’a and Mocha were known for coffee back when Europe still thought the world was flat.  Through most of the 20th century, oil was found pretty much everywhere else in the Middle East.  Between that and the string of civil wars in 1962, 1994, and now, it’s one of the poorest countries in the world.  This leads us to the current crisis in Yemen.

The rift between Shia and Sunni branches of Islam isn’t too dissimilar from the Catholic/Protestant rift that ripped Europe apart in the middle ages, and the crisis in Yemen is its latest iteration.  In a nutshell, what we have is a proxy war between Shia militants backed by Iran and Sunni militants backed by Saudi Arabia, with about twenty million people caught in the crossfire.

How bad is the crisis in Yemen?

On average, about 150 children under the age of five die of starvation each day.

About 9,000,000 people face severe food shortages, according to PBS.org.

According to the World Health Organization, 1,800,000 children under five and 1,100,000 pregnant or breastfeeding women are acutely malnourished, now.

There is a cholera outbreak.  Cholera—a disease caused by drinking water being contaminated by human poop.  16,000,000 people no longer have access to clean water and sanitation services.

Meanwhile, the richest country in the world is too busy playing partisan politics to pay attention to the crisis in Yemen.  My people on the left want nothing more than to subpoena the president and show everybody what a corrupt criminal he is, and the right simply doesn’t know what to with themselves after the shellacking we have them last week.

We have the means.  We have the ability; we have the money, and the logistical resources to make a real difference here, and instead our fearless leader won’t get off his chicken-ass and stop sulking long enough to get up, show some actual leadership, and help these people.  Do something good, Mr. Trump, for once in your life.

Up the amount of food and medical aid we’re giving out.

Grab the most needy, most vulnerable and bring them here or some other safe place that’s removed from this war where they can get the help they need.

Send doctors and set up safe zones with hospitals where people can get help.

There’s got to be orphans; open up our borders so willing families can foster these kids at least until the war is over.  I, for one, am willing.

For God’s sake, man, do something!  I’m just one person.  I say this as a liberal and as a progressive who’s been salivating at seeing a disgraced, impeached, former president Trump rot in prison for his crimes.  Yet I, for whatever my voice is worth, am willing to offer you a blank slate if you would stem the crisis in Yemen using all the power of our great nation.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Preferred Rewards.  Check out my newest book, A Dance to Remember, a gripping tragic romance.  You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis.

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