The Problem With Brett Kavanaugh

The Problem With Brett Kavanaugh

On paper, Democrat and Republican should be like husband and wife - a yin and yang to at once oppose and complement one another. Two parties opposed in ideology, both right and both wrong, and yet equally invested in the ultimate health and prosperity of the nation.

I watched the other day a news segment in which a reporter chased some republican congressman down a flight of stairs with one question after another, and the response was the man repeating something along the lines of “the Democrats will destroy our country!”

Really eye-opening.  It opened my eyes, at least, to the mentality of what we, as a nation, are dealing with.

In the past, I have made no secret my disagreement with conservative points of view, conservative policy, and conservative agenda.  I have often voiced my disagreement both here and in my comments on Jerry Newberry’s posts, and in any other online forum I happen to come across.  On principle, however, I would not take issue with the conservative.  I do not believe holding a conservative view justifies an accusation of trying to destroy our country.

On the contrary.  I believe that liberals like myself and conservatives like Jerry need one another for, the ideal always seems to lie in the balance.  Just as too much conservative policy stifles growth and creativity, and leads to an oligarchic, classist hegemony, too much liberal policy leads to the kind of overly-idealistic revolutionary theory behind communism.  On paper, Democrat and Republican should be like husband and wife — a yin and yang to at once oppose and complement one another.  Two parties opposed in ideology, both right and both wrong, and yet equally invested in the ultimate health and prosperity of the nation.

Except what happens when one side demonizes the other?  What happens when one side decides that their vision is the only acceptable one and seeks to implement it at any cost, including destroying those very ideals that make up the fabric of the nation they claim to love?

It explains a lot.

It explains why the Republican Party, after being blasted with clear and present evidence that our President has and continues to commit treason, they’ve continued to support him, continued to call the process of uncovering the truth a ‘witch-hunt,’ and continued to back a ridiculous policy agenda so far removed from conservative ideology.  The GOP, essentially, is having an affair in which most of the time is spent complaining about how their spouse doesn’t just roll over and let them have their way.

It begs the question: who’s really destroying our country?

Brett Kavanaugh promises, on paper, to be the conservative-policy judge the GOP has longed for.  He’s going to roll back abortion, gay marriage, and so on.  He’s just great, isn’t he?

Except he’s not.  Because this is not about policy.  I can’t deny the fact that the GOP, through typically underhanded tactics, swept the 2016 election.  They need to appoint a justice to the Supreme Court, and they’re going to pick out a conservative judge who’s going to push for a conservative agenda.  They have that right.  And if they want to nominate a fundamentally dishonest ultra-partisan hack whose interpretation of constitutional law changes depending on whether the cause is liberal or conservative, ultimately, they have that right, too.

But let us be under no illusions, here.  What sets Mr. Kavanaugh apart is not his conservative agenda; it’s his stance on Donald Trump.  It’s the question of whether or not a sitting president can be indicted, or whether or not he can pardon himself.  It’s these questions the Trump legal team made sure he provided the correct answers to before giving him the nomination.  Make no mistake: Brett Kavanaugh is a terrible choice for Supreme Court.  Not because he’s a conservative, not because he may have screwed up in high school, but because he doesn’t stand for what a Supreme Court nominee should stand for.  Rather, he changes his point of view in order to fit his audience and won’t stop short of lying to the American people to advance his career.

So basically, same problem as Hillary Clinton.

What makes this so foul, however, is that the GOP’s insists that his nomination be pushed forward as quickly as possible and then whines about any calls for reasonable scrutiny of his credentials and the delay such a process would cause.  But if we’re going to base these things on precedent (which we do), at the very least his confirmation hearing should be delayed until after the midterm election for the same reasons Mitch McConnell cited for delaying Merrick Garland’s lack of confirmation.

When confronted with the 35-year-old sexual assault allegations, Kavanaugh could have said a myriad of things.  He could have said, ‘that was a long time ago and I don’t remember.’  That would have been plausible, and I probably would have believed him.  He could have said, ‘I did some stupid things in high school and some of it was probably inappropriate.’  I’d have raised a glass to him had he been man enough to admit that.  But despite his supporters’ constant blathering, he didn’t say that either.  What he said was an out-and-out lie.

It’s a shame that it takes a 35-year-old sexual assault scandal for Republicans to wake up to what this guy is.  This is what happens when you allow hatred of your partner to take precedence over the partnership; you make decisions that damage the partnership in order to advance your agenda.

The GOP will likely get its way, but the damage to our republic may be irreparable.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Preferred Rewards.  Check out my newest book, A Dance to Remember, available October 3.  You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis.

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  1. Johni Allen says

    I believe that is calling the kettle black. I have never in my long life seen such hatred and violent behavior as I see the far left democrats demonstrate. I was a long time Democrat as was my who family, that changed during the previous election and has been reinforced daily by all the vile and disgusting behavior I have witnessed.

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