A Stupid Simple Weight Loss Trick

A Stupid Simple Weight Loss Trick

Easier than dieting and exercise

Here’s an easy weight loss trick you probably haven’t thought of.

I first observed this phenomenon when I went with my wife to visit her grandmother in Jamaica.  Now, I love to travel; I always see little things that open my mind in strange ways.  For example, when we went to France, I noticed that you enter a building on the 0th floor; you have to go up one to get to the first floor.  As for Jamaica, one thing I observed was that I was not as hungry.  I ate smaller portions and simply didn’t want to eat much.  Back home in Florida, I would hang out in the kitchen and graze, but in Jamaica, I was fine.

And I was comfortable, too, even as hot as it was.  I was more comfortable in Jamaica’s heat than in Florida’s heat.


Then I started to put the pieces together and then I did some research.

Every time you eat, your body burns calories that it takes in.  That creates heat which raises your body temperature.  The more you eat, the more calories you burn, and the warmer you feel.  I was comfortable in the heat of Jamaica because I wasn’t eating so much.  I ate less, and so my body temperature relative to the environment was so that I didn’t feel so hot.

But here’s what the research shows: there are natural, physiological mechanisms at work which tweak your appetite depending on the ambient temperature in your immediate environment.  In other words, the colder your environment, the more your body compels you to eat.  The warmer your environment, the less your body compels you to eat.

What’s the big difference between Jamaica and Florida?

Air conditioning.  Where we were staying in Jamaica, there was no AC.  It just wasn’t a thing.  Everywhere we went, inside, outside, morning, noon, and night, it was upwards of 90 degrees.  My body said, “well it’s going to stay like this so let’s switch off the appetite, try and stay cool.”

In Florida, AC is everywhere and 70 degrees is normal inside even though it’s 95 outside.  So my body says “seems cold, let’s eat some and try to keep our temperature up.”

That’s also why it feels so freaking hot outside.

The connection between appetite and temperature is actually well studied and well known.  If you’ve ever been in a movie theater or a restaurant wondering why they make it so cold in there, don’t.  They do it because they know the colder you feel, the hungrier you get and the more food you will buy.  It has nothing to do with your comfort, or did you think you were the only one to ever complain to the manager about the temperature?

When Hurricane Irma knocked out the power, that week of waiting for them to put the power (and the A/C) back on, I lost a good five pounds, and it wasn’t for lack of food.  I just wasn’t as hungry.

So then what’s the stupid simple trick to help you lose weight?

Turn off the air conditioning.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, progressive, and bestselling author of Edge Of God and Preferred Rewards.  You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis.

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    Hi Michael, I agree that appetite and temperature are somehow connected. But it is really difficult to turn off the A/C in a hot temperature. So I would choose to eat less regardless of temperature, in case I’m trying to lose weight.



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