I’ve Been Wrong. About Everything.

I’ve Been Wrong.  About Everything.

I have now come to see that there really is no collusion, that Trump is masterfully conning Putin. What a genius!

This April 1st, I reflect on my attitudes on American politics, and I realize that I’m wrong.  I’ve been wrong.  About everything.

First, I want to admit that President Trump is right; there is collusion.  But the man is so smart for figuring this out: he’s been acting like there is in order to soften Putin up.  Putin is exactly the kind of strongman who needs someone to stroke his fragile ego, and so that’s what Trump is doing.  Let Putin think he’s on his side — that way he can get away with all kinds of things Obama couldn’t have.

We’re led to believe Trump has been a patsy for Russian money laundering for decades, and because of this, we’re led to believe Putin has some dirt on him that would destroy his family, get him impeached, and land him in prison for the rest of his life.  Trump, we’re led to believe, owes Putin.

But think about it: Trump owes a lot of people and he doesn’t care.  He’s the king of debt he likes to boast.  That’s his M.O.: borrow a ton of cash on some yuge promise, only to skip out on paying it back.  He doesn’t honor his commitments, not to contractors, not to banks, not to voters.  Why, then, should we believe Trump has any intention on honoring his commitments to scratch Putin’s back?

Look at how readily the GOP shields him.  I think there are key Republicans who are in on this plan.  Perhaps a few Democrats who know and have to keep up the assault just to present the illusion that Trump is in cahoots with the Kremlin.  It seems Devin Nunez isn’t a treasonous hack after all.

Take a look.  For weeks, Stormy Daniels has dominated the news narrative on the left.  This event, we were led to believe, was going to sink our commander in chief.  So scandalous.  So salacious.  And yet after weeks of being bombarded with coverage of the man’s illicit affairs, his approval rating went up!

Don’t know why?

Because look at that narrative again.  ‘This guy had an affair with a porn star, a playboy bunny, and he’s still married to an underwear model.’  We got details of the flirtations, a woman deeply in love with him, and yadda yadda yadda.  He probably can’t even get it up, but that doesn’t matter; it’s all about the narrative.  So then what warm-blooded heterosexual male doesn’t fantasize about that kind of life?  And that’s Trump, in a nutshell.  What kind of genius does it take to put such an effective plan together?

So it’s clear: President Trump is conning Vladimir Putin.

Happy April 1st!

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, progressive, and bestselling author of Edge Of God and Preferred Rewards.  You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis.

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  1. Kristianna Thomas says

    The author of this diatribe is very biased and very partisan to the far right cause, just as Daffy Donald Duck Trump is beholden to the cause. With Daffy they got a red neck in the White House, and displaced the Black Man in the White House. It is amazing that the Village Idiots (the Tea Party) have been silent on the forefront of the Aryan Agenda; although they do have Wizard as their spokesperson. According to the author, the “left” is fixated on Stormy, because that is what the left does, not because Trump has no scruples what so ever, so he is protected by his closets cronies that are his lap-dogs and brown nosers per excellence. Trump can do no wrong. Trump has saved the White race in America from becoming a minority in the land they have stolen from the original inhabitants. Although, we should ponder the slogan used by the Far Right, “the Jews will not replace us”..

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