F**k tha Police.

F**k tha Police.

It used to be that whenever I got pulled over, I'd scope out the safest spot I could find, not wanting to put the officer in any danger; I'd seen those videos of some drunk plowing through an officer during a routine stop. These days, I have to think about my own safety, and that drunk may just save my life.

I have a new perspective.  Like 63.7% of all Americans, I was raised to see the kind, helpful police officer as someone I could turn to if there was trouble.  I am quickly coming into a new perspective.

F**k tha police.

The police are not here to help you.  They do not protect you; that is not their job.

Their job is to provide income for municipal governments, by issuing tickets and citations for such things as parking inappropriately, speeding, jaywalking, wearing blue on Wednesdays, and so on.  It’s a fact that cities and counties across the US are poorly funded, and in order to raise enough revenue to operate, the police have essentially become glorified tax collectors.

Police don’t enforce the law, either; that’s not their job.  Most of them don’t even know the law.  Just one example: in 2009, my car was towed from my apartment in Pompano Beach, way the eff down to Hallandale, about twenty miles away.  According to FS § 715.07 2.a.1a, Any towed or removed vehicle or vessel must be stored at a site within a 10-mile radius of the point of removal….  So, when I called the police asking him to enforce the law, which I’d printed out for his convenience, I was ignored.  Every single time I’ve asked the police for some kind of help, such as enforcing an active protection order I had against a stalker who was taking pictures of my wife & kids, they ignored me and walked away.

It’s what they do.

And let us talk about planting evidence.  If you follow that link that’s just one example.  here is another, in which during anonymous interviews with multiple officers, it’s clear planting evidence and lying in reports are just routine parts of the game to get people off the street who ‘mouth off too much,’ or if their skin is too dark.  It’s what happens when there’s a quota of arrests that need to be made.

Got to keep the prisons full.  Thanks, Marco.

But let us not dwell on silly things like civil rights; an encounter with the police is a life-threatening situation.  Reports of police brutality have become so common; the days of Rodney King seem like a distant memory.  That you could get shot for ‘having a busted tail light’ or ‘reading a book while black,’ or just for calling them in the first place is beyond all reckoning.

No.  The fact is that the police are an instrument of the state — a state that, largely due to police overreach, feels less and less like a government of the people by the day.  Their job is not to keep the peace, or to protect and serve, or to enforce the law, but rather to brutalize and intimidate the lower subjects and keep them in line, because apparently, it’s against the law to ‘disobey’ when a police officer ‘orders’ you to do something, and you can get arrested for resisting arrest.

Just to be clear, there is a whole political party who thinks none of this is a problem.

It used to be that whenever I got pulled over, I would look for the safest spot; I’d seen those videos of an officer getting plowed by a drunk while fundraising for the city.  I actually considered the officer’s safety.  I did.  Nowadays, I have to consider my own safety, and that drunk may just save my life.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards.  You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis.  And seriously, f**k tha police.

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