The News We Choose

The News We Choose

If you meet one man who only tells the truth and another who only tells lies, they will tell you the same thing, and you will think they're both dishonest...

Donald Trump is a serial liar, and a consummate con artist. He’ll destroy us all.
Donald Trump is a shrewd businessman who is going to secure our borders, and bring back jobs. He’s going to make America great again.
Donald Trump is an embarrassment who has no class, no sense of propriety, and someone needs to take away his twitter account.
Donald Trump goes against the norm. He challenges the status quo, shattering the narrow confines of political correctness, and says what needs to be said.
He’s a bumbling fool. He’s got a plan. He’s lost his mind. He keeps his enemies guessing.
He’s guilty of treason, tax evasion, multiple counts of fraud, sexual assault, obstruction of justice, money laundering, corruption, and charity embezzlement.
Not one crime has he been charged with. Donald Trump is set to break the political establishment; he’s going after some powerful people — the deep state. So when you ruffle a few feathers, there’s going to be some backlash. This whole Russian ‘thing’ is a witch hunt, nothing more.
The problem is the conservative media.
The problem is the liberal media.
Except that’s not the problem.
The problem is that whichever side of the media you’re on, those in the middle get to read this narrative: that this is all one big partisan mud-slinging. To those eyes, when two people fight, both are at fault. So there’s this idea that both sides are guilty.
Those Jews and Nazis, why can’t they just iron out their differences?
To put it explicitly, two sides are not equally at fault. When two sides fight, it’s very likely that one is the aggressor, and one is acting in self-defense.
This is the case of right and left in the US. One side is habitually dishonest, and the other is not. One side is desperately trying to bring the truth to the light of day, while the other side is more focused on how to stop the truth from leaking out.
And in situations like this, one side DOES have a vested interest in spinning this all into a partisan conflict. Because the left is guilty, too. No, this is not about partisanship, but the party guilty of lying wants us to believe it is for the same reason the Nazis wanted the rest of the world to understand how terribly the Jews treated them.
But Trump either conspired with a foreign government to manipulate the election process and by doing so committed treason, or he didn’t. This is not a question of partisanship; one is the truth, and one is not.
Trump either pressured Comey to drop the Flynn investigation and by doing so committed obstruction of justice, or he didn’t. This is not a question of policy; one is the truth, and one is not.
The Republican party has either turned a blind eye to the high crimes committed by this president in the name of policy and by so doing betrayed the duties of office and betrayed the American people, or they haven’t. This is not a question of partisanship.
This is not about policy.
You asked me to give him a shot, and I did. I gave him a shot. I’m done. Enough is enough.
Donald Trump is NOT my president.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards. You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis.

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