Why do Men Decide Women’s Health?

Why do Men Decide Women’s Health?

Abortion, access to contraceptives, reproductive health services. These have nothing to do with religion, costs, or anything other than the wholesale attempt by men to control reproductive rights.

Try to imagine, you go out to your car.  You’re about to open your car, have the key in your hand and everything.  Then someone walks up to you: “that’s not your car, that’s my car.”

“Whatever,” you brush it off.  Obviously, this is a joke.

“No,” they insist, and proceed to bar you from entering your car.  Unwilling to enter into a physical altercation, you call the police, who show up, wanting to know what’s going on.  So you tell them: you were about to drive off when this wacko came up saying it wasn’t your car.

Naturally, the wacko tells the police it’s their car, that you stole the keys.

Of course, the police are just coming into this situation blind.  They don’t know anything, and they’re used to dealing with some weirdo.  So, to resolve the matter, they get out the vehicle’s registration to compare the information to your ID.

This is where the wacko tells them that you forged the registration to make it look like it was your car when it’s really not.

‘This is stupid,’ you think.  Obviously, the cop should see through this and let you go.  But instead, they think that maybe there’s something to that story, and talk about arresting you for forgery — fabricating a state document.

“This is crazy!” you say.  “Just run the tag, you’ll see it’s my car!”

The wacko replies and says “of course you want them to run the tag; you hacked into the government system and changed it into your name.”

Now you’re being charged with cyber-crime.  And just because you protest and complain, they got you for resisting arrest, also.  Alas, you can only watch from the back seat of the police cruiser as the wacko drives off in your car.

So it is with reproductive health.

For thousands of generations, it seems, human beings have struggled with this question of who should control reproductive rights: men, or women?  Religious laws have done all manner of things like declaring all forms of contraception a sin, or saying that a wife has no right to refuse her husband.  The very act of rape itself is a way of forcing the issue.  More recently in the US, there are these debates surrounding contraceptive coverage as part of a health plan or abortion rights.

But why is this even a question?

And let us not fool ourselves, here.  All these issues, they’re not about killing babies.  All those so-called pro-lifers don’t give a crap about the sanctity of any human life, else they wouldn’t also support guns, wars, capital punishment, and denying vital neonatal care to those who can’t afford it.  This also has nothing to do with any religious objection, else those same people who so vehemently oppose contraception would also oppose adultery, fraud, idolatry, and just about everything else Trump stands for.  This has nothing to do with costs, either.  What these ‘issues’ are about is the wholesale attempt by men to control reproductive rights.  No more, no less.

But is it fair?

One might argue that given a woman’s exclusive responsibility to carry a child in her womb and thereby continue the species, given that she doesn’t have the option, biologically, of stepping out and becoming a deadbeat, given that statistically speaking, she’s going to be the one to put a quarter of her entire life on hold to care for that child, given the fact that she and only she is going to bear the risk of losing her career, losing her health, in fact losing her life, it seems only fair that at least part of the decision of whether or not to get pregnant should be hers.

At least 100% of that decision should be hers, in fact.

But men in power like to talk about abortion, about whether contraception is a sin or should be covered under health services.


Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Preferred Rewards, and Edge Of God.

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