This is Normal

This is Normal

If you think about it, the Trump presidency IS normal. What isn't normal, is what we've built here, and are now allowing that oompa loompa to destroy.

If you listen to pundits, talking heads like John Oliver, Fareed Zakaria, Trevor Noah, and others, you will hear this line: this is not normal. Trump, President Trump, these things we’ve been seeing, the attacks on the free press, on decency, on justice, on the very foundations that made our country great to begin with, are not normal.

They’re all wrong.

Not wrong in that we have a fascist narcissist in the white house, misleading our country, but wrong. The problem isn’t that it isn’t normal, the problem is that it is.

As we look through history, a lot of things pop out, if you pay attention.

Trump has been compared to Hitler often. There’s reasons for that. The comparison exists because it fits so well. Not so much Hitler, though, but any dictator. The same comparisons would work just as well with Mussolini, or Stalin. But go back further than that. It’s all the kings of England — kings and emperors of everywhere, in fact. Trump is no different than the Caesars of Rome, or the Pharoahs or Egypt. Read the Bible: the king of Persia was talked into making a law, that people should pray only to him as though he were some god. There’s a reason he thinks it’s such a good idea.

History, you will find, is replete with dictators. The facts is: Trump is nothing new. What we are experiencing IS normal. Kings have always had their detractors executed, their critics beheaded. Insecure narcissists are drawn to power positions, because they crave the attention; they sell lies and fear, and live in their own delusions. Charles Montel. Louis XIV. Julius Caesar. The patterns are there; they’ve always been there. They usually come with the enforcement of a state religion. King Henry VIII. Constantine. Montezuma. They almost always begin with some kind of extreme nationalism or ethnic superiority, and condemn foreigners, often brutally. Idi Amin. Ran Min. Ferdinand & Isabella.

What we need to remember, is what isn’t normal.

What isn’t normal, is a national in which rule of man is replaced by rule of law, a state with mandated freedom of religion and freedom of speech. What isn’t normal is a nation in which the people have the final authority, a nation founded on justice, on equal rights, and protection of all. That’s not normal. A nation where the word fair actually has value. A nation founded on the idea that all men and women are created equal, where even though the founders failed to live up to their own ideals, the truth of those ideals cannot be denied. That is unusual. That is what isn’t normal.

And if we are complacent, things will get back to normal.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards.  Find him on twitter @fakeMikeLewis.

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