The Con Don – Bad For America, Good For the World?

The Con Don – Bad For America, Good For the World?

When the ivory tower collapses, everyone gets a share.

President Trump, the Con Don. Bad for America, but good for all humanity?

It should come as no secret that American foreign policy in some parts of the world has been a trifle arrogant over the last half century. From Nixon’s war fetish in Vietnam to Bush’s obsession with Iraqi oil, to our propensity to prop up ruthless, evil dictators like Mubarak, Assad, Marcos, Hussein, et al, only to not like them later on when they decide to stop doing our bidding, we’ve been a little naughty. Meanwhile, we’ve vaunted ourselves to the rest of the world as a bastion of freedom and human rights – an exemplar of all that is decent in the world. For decades, we’ve even been called by our allies, the Leader of the Free World. Has a nice ring to it, no?

With Trump, all that changes. Doubtless, the warmongering will continue, the lies to cover up the reasons and the massacre of innocent people included. But what we lost by electing that thing, was our leadership role. Point blank, we are no longer looked up to by anyone. No longer a bastion of virtue and freedom and all that other feel-good stuff.

And that’s where things get interesting. With the US out of the picture, who will broker peace in Israel? It may just be that the parties involved have never really needed us, but rather, our incessant intervention has been what’s perpetuating the problem.

Wishful thinking?

And look at East Africa. Right now, there’s a devastating famine in the makings in Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, and parts of Kenya, threatening millions of people with starvation. Apparently, the drought is worse than it’s been in decades. Historically, the US has been the single, biggest donor of food aid to these people, but Trump has decided he wants to put an end to that.

Borrowing from Republican philosophy, the act of feeding the hungry has created a dependency situation. By helping, we’ve exacerbated the problem because there’s no urgency to set things up so they don’t keep having this problem. So we remove the aid when they need it most. That way, the rest of the world will have to step in, lest millions of people perish. Again, the burden of the US to lead is lifted, meaning that other nations might step up out of necessity. Perhaps even local ones.

Maybe we’ll see a strong, stable, prosperous, united, African state in the coming years?

The list continues. For decades, we’ve managed to attract the best and brightest throughout the world to come to our jewel of democracy. This has created what’s often referred to as a “brain drain” in their native lands. Put simply, when the smartest people leave, what do you have left? As our economy collapses and our civil rights get eroded, people in places like India, East Asia, or Latin America might be less inclined to come here. So, when the most brilliant scientists and engineers decide to stay home, they’ll build up their native countries, creating a more prosperous world outside the US.

I could go on, but the long and short of it is this: as the United States of America suffers under Trump, a whole lot of power, wealth, and prosperity, will find its way elsewhere, bringing up the masses.


Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards. You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis though he doesn’t post much beyond links to his other articles.

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