Sorry, But the GOP is Stupid.

Sorry, But the GOP is Stupid.

The GOP is shooting itself in the foot by being so flagrantly racist that they’re going to lose massive amounts of votes in the coming years.

The GOP is shooting itself in the foot by being so flagrantly racist they’re going to lose massive amounts of votes in the coming decades.

Let us begin with Donald J Trump, a flaming, card-holding racist obvious to anyone who isn’t white. Don’t forget the GOP nominated this man. But lest we forget the numerous GOP elites who’ve been bashing Muslims, or Mitt Romney’s notorious ‘wish I were Mexican’ comment, or the narrative of BlackLivesMatter being a terrorist organization, or Paul Ryan’s cute little GOPSoWhite photo.

The list goes on. Like it or not, admit it or not, the Republican party has had a history of white supremacy going waaaay back, not even starting with Barry Goldwater’s endorsement by the KKK in 1964, or the Richard Nixon tapes.

One can debate the excuses.

The reality is, and has been, that the GOP could easily get away with being a haven for xenophobes, racists, white supremacists, ‘Alt Right,’ and every other euphemism there is for these people, because white people have enjoyed a massive demographic advantage throughout the United States. Hence, the term, minorities.

It’s sad.

It’s sad, because we need a strong conservative party. And I say this as a progressive liberal; we need a decent conservative party, because unchecked liberalism in government policies leads to socialism, which can metastasize into communism. Too much government control is not a good thing.

It’s also sad because we could easily have a strong, conservative party that crosses cultural boundaries. If you look around the globe, everywhere you look, people seem to naturally gravitate into liberal and conservative camps. In India, these parties are called the Bhartiya Janata Party (Republicans), and the Indian National Congress (Democrats). And you see this in virtually every country that allows multiple political parties. So it’s a natural, human phenomena, one that transcends race, creed, religion, nationality, even gender, and sexual orientation.

There’s no reason why the Republican party here in the US ought to be able to adopt a true conservative agenda that welcomes natural conservatives of all colors. Miami from the 1980s is a perfect example: very much a red and Latino part of the map. More recently, however, Republicans couldn’t find ONE Latino to explain the correct way to say “Hispanics Para Trump.”

Rather than adopt a genuine conservative agenda, the GOP has stood steadfast behind racist, xenophobic narratives and policies that effectively alienate people of other cultures, namely Latinos, Muslims, and African Americans, about half of whom should naturally possess a conservative mindset, but instead vote overwhelmingly for the liberal party.

The numbers are shifting, however. Year by year, the demographic advantage white people have vanishes, as more and more immigrants come over, and the birthrate of minorities continues to be greater than that of whites. By 2050, white people will make up less than 50% of the US population. White people will be the minority. We’re already seeing the product of this in places like Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado, all traditionally red states that, thanks to demographic changes, are now blue states.

Rather than change tactics to include people of color in their mock-conservative agenda, Republicans have focused their efforts to try and halt the change.

Good luck with that.

Unless the GOP changes its ways to focus more on true conservatism and get away from the racist, xenophobic propaganda, it’s doomed. You cannot fight the wind; but you can let out your sails.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards. You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis though he doesn’t post much beyond links to his other articles. He does however, believe in the penguin.

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