2018: A Year we shall Never Forget

2018: A Year we shall Never Forget

Because six-million jews wasn't enough.

What if?

In case you haven’t heard of the Theocons, pay attention to this hypothetical.

A blend of Theology and Conservative, Theocon is a shorthand way of referring to the ultra-right-wing religious fundamentalist conservative group who’ve hijacked the Republican party in recent decades. We have these people to thank for the likes of George W Bush Jr, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Betsy Devos, militant anti-abortion, anti-homosexual, and anti-evolution education in schools, and a slew of other lawmakers and ideas across the country, in a sense championing one brand of Evangelical Christian values above American values as a means of governance. In short, the concept of religious freedom does not exist because America was founded on Christian values, and not principles such as freedom of speech, justice, and other poppycock.

Last year, Theocons took note of the rising populist movement of one Donald J Trump, a racist, sexist, arrogant, narcissistic, vulgar, talking yam. A textbook con-man, a selfish, compulsive liar, and a fraud that anyone with half a brain could see, who made his millions through inheritance, corruption, and double-crossing people who worked for him.

I wonder if he’d fit through the eye of a needle.

Didn’t matter. Here’s why: because by attatching one of their own, Mike Pence, to the ticket, they gave this greedy oompaloompa the illusion of legitimacy long enough to get him elected. Once there, he installs people like Betsy Devos, whose objective is to funnel taxpayer money away from public schools, and towards Christian schools which align with the Theocon agenda, thereby continuing the crop of poorly educated populace more easily kept under the boot of hyper-religious dogma. Then, after a few months, Trump gets thrown under the bus, and impeached. Probably with a bullshit healthcare bill.

With the overcooked sweet potato out of the way, Pence becomes a GOP hero, unifying the party under the Theocon agenda, which means more wars and policies designed to destabilize the Middle East and ‘prove’ Islam to be a backwards religion, further reinforcing the need to keep Muslims out of this shining Christian jewel we call the United States of America. Coupled with domestic policies of hate, profiling, harassment, and discrimination, to push Muslims already here to go elsewhere, the mechanism to perpetuate the Christian identity of the US is set firmly in motion.

By far the greatest international threat to this perfect system is Iran. A stable, prosperous nation in the Middle East governed by a native blend of democratic and Islamic values cannot be allowed to continue. For this reason, a major terrorist attack on American soil is investigated, and revealed to be a direct result of Iranian influence. This attack cannot happen under Trump, because we all know Trump to be completely full of shit; if he says it’s Iranians, we will already know the attack probably came from Costa Rican separatists. Once Pence ascends the throne, the desire to believe once again in our fearless leader will be so strong, we’ll already be primed to trust him – a backlash from his former boss. As long as Pence keeps his distance and maintains the appearance of being out of the loop, this will work. We will trust the good Christian President Pence when he tells us Iran sent this attack against us.

What follows is war – terrible war, in which the United States employs nuclear weapons to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat. This war greatly diminishes Iran’s ability to react to Saudi aggression elsewhere in the region. It also, however, sets off massive, violent protests worldwide, giving the government pretense to round up American Muslims into concentration camps along with a few outspoken bloggers, journalists, black people, ‘activist’ judges, and other liberal terrorists suspected of being Muslims, and exterminate them in an orderly fashion.

The public outcry is muted. Those who support the policies of the Theocon agenda dance in the streets, finally free from the oppression White Christians suffer on a routine basis, while those with misgivings are terrified to speak up, terrified of the police, terrified of the new Theocon agenda.

Years later, people ask, how could we have let his happen?

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards. You can also find him on Twitter @fakeMikeLewis. He gets all his information from an invisible penguin, BTW; not the theocon agenda.

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