Dear Electors, Please Vote for Hillary

Dear Electors, Please Vote for Hillary

The electorate was designed to prevent a dangerously unqualified candidate from winning the presidency. Trump is dangerously unqualified.

Dear Electors,

In The Federalist no. 68, March 12, 1788, Alexander Hamilton argued his case for the method of electing the United States President we use today. Hamilton’s belief was,

that the office of the President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.

Hamilton further disqualified those he described as having talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity. The founders of our great country were fearful of a direct democracy, where the masses might be easily swayed by a populist demagogue with little more than sensationalist rhetoric, and established the electorate as a check against such.

We, the people of the United States of America, submit to you, electors, that Donald J Trump is this demagogue, given to the little arts of popularity, who is temperamentally unfit and uniquely unqualified for the Presidency, and ask that you perform your Constitutional duty to your country befitting the very purpose of your office, and select Hillary Clinton to be the 45th President, regardless of your pledge.


We submit to you, that among the foremost qualifications of a President is a working knowledge of and ideological adherence to the United States Constitution, as evidenced by the very oath taken on inauguration day: …to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America… We believe Mr. Trump has demonstrated a flagrant misalignment with the supreme law of our land, and has no intention to protect or defend the Constitution.

  • He has a long history of actively seeking to silence his opponents by way of costly litigation, threats and intimidation, and promises to open up libel laws and jail those who speak out against him. This goes against the very essence of free speech, a capstone of our democracy
  • He has expressed his willingness to oppress Muslims, ignorant of freedom of religion.
  • He has advocated stop-and-frisk, a violation of the fourth amendment protections against unwarranted searches.
  • He has on multiple instances such as the Central Park Five and threats to jail his opponent, shown complete disregard to the right of due process.

The list is extensive. In short, Donald J Trump has shown a complete disregard for constitutional rights and protections, due process, and the rule of law.

Be Not Tempted

We are aware that most electors this year are Republicans. We are also aware that the idea of the GOP controlling the House, and the Senate, and the Supreme Court along with the White House, will enable you, in theory, to enact conservative legislation with minimal resistance. The prospect of repealing Roe v Wade, declawing the EPA, slashing taxes, deleting public assistance, repealing Obamacare and more, amount to a conservative candy store. We understand the gravity of what it is we’re asking you to do, here; we’re asking you to abandon this golden opportunity to enact the juiciest conservative legislation since the birth of conservativism, in order to save this land we love.

This is not about policy; this is about the very foundation of what makes this country great. We believe that if Trump is allowed to remain in the Office of the President, we will no longer be the land of the free.

For those dazzled by the prospect of the grand conservative agenda Trump has promised, recall that his entire candidacy was built upon fraud. Indeed, this Christian’s livelihood revolves around appealing to people’s basest desires, such as alcohol, gambling, sex, and vulgar opulence. Alcohol – he sells alcohol and he doesn’t even drink. He has often repeated his calls for a wall on the border with Mexico, though he and everyone else knows that’s not going to happen. Trust that everything you see, everything you think you know about Donald J Trump is a lie, and that includes our conservative dream.

He is also aware that he could lose the election on December 19th, and this is why he’s been acting nice since the general election. He thinks he can con you as he’s conned everyone else.

Vote for Hillary Clinton

We ask that you take a long, objective look at Hillary Clinton. Her campaign appears to have been mired by scandal, mostly surrounding her emails. But hearing after hearing, review after review, has found no wrongdoing. Not in Benghazi, not in her emails, not in Clearwater, not in her husband’s alleged black love child, not in the Clinton Foundation, not in any other scandal that has been fabricated against her. In our great country, the rule of law dictates innocent until proven guilty, polar opposite to what Trump has shown us. And while every scandal against Hillary has come from the lips of the GOP propaganda machine and questionable ‘news’ sites, every scandal against Trump has come from his own mouth. We believe, if you allow the noise to settle down and take a strong, objective look at Hillary’s record, her experience, her leadership, the truth of the accusations against her, her poise, her preparation, her reputation, her forty years fighting for civil rights; if you cognitively examine all the evidence outside of a partisan echo-chamber, that you will not find anyone on either ticket more qualified for the Office of the Presidency.

To be clear, virtually every other candidate would be a palatable alternative to Donald Trump. Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, even Mike Pence has not shown the flagrant disregard for Constitutional law that disqualifies Mr. Trump. Amongst all, however, only Hillary Clinton is in a position to gain a majority in the electorate, and we believe it best for the electorate to resolve this, lest the decision fall to the House.

America Needs You

We understand that what we ask has never been done. We understand that what we ask will be remembered for centuries to come, and may well break precedent for all time. But, we are not asking for a mere break in tradition, and we are not asking for a break in the rules. We are asking, in fact, that you uphold the rules, and honor the very purpose for which the electorate was created, honor the dreams of men like the one on our $10 bill, and stop a dangerous authoritarian from holding the highest office in the land.

We the People

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards. If he were a Republican elector, he would definitely not vote for Trump.

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