RE: Before Clinton Implodes

RE: Before Clinton Implodes

Hillary Clinton can't get away with half the crap her opponent pulls, and yet she's still winning. Pay no attention to the man behind the iron curtain.

This article is in response to this one by Stewart Lawrence a few days ago, in which he suggested Hillary Clinton resign from the race over health concerns, and advocated Joe Biden step up and assume the mantle.

First off, you’re not worried about her health; you’re worried she’s going to lose. You’re panicking because, like so many of us, we see what’s on the Red side of the ticket, and we’re terrified of that possibility. But we cannot allow ourselves to be ruled by fear. Living in fear only causes us to make rash decisions – decisions such as putting Hillary on the ticket in the first place. Let’s not forget what happened: the Democratic primary voters, upon seeing what was happening to the Red ticket, ran in fear to the safety of Hillary Clinton, rather than give the Blue primaries a chance to mature.

Just think about that for a moment. Hillary makes voters feel safe; that she might fall ill is worrisome testifies to how much faith we place in her. How many leaders in this election inspire these kinds of feelings?

Of course everything is relative. Albert Einstein showed that time is relative – if you sync your watch to a friend’s and then fly on a supersonic jet around the world, when you get back, your watches will be off by a little bit. Proven fact. Now, if something so uncompromising as freaking time can be relative, how much more so presidential candidates? Let’s not forget the Red candidate actually suggested forcing all Muslims in the US to register into a database (makes it easier to find them on Kristallnacht). May Angelou said that when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. If Hillary died, they could tape her corpse to the Oval Office, and she’d make a better president. Relatively speaking.

Now, let’s talk about these polls you’re afraid of. Yes, the latest polls have this race in a dead heat; and that’s a good thing. In fact, that’s the second best thing to having her behind at this moment. The Republicans have a strategy: they already know everyone except the basket of deplorables is disgusted with their guy, so their idea is to inspire complacency in everyone else, hoping the basket is enough to propel them to victory. They do this by fabricating scandals to accuse Hillary of, and more or less trying to make her out to be as big a fraud as their guy. So, from the Democrats’ point of view, complacency is their worst enemy. By having a close race, fear of the alternative should drive people to the polls.

Finally, about Joe Biden. Joe Biden did not enter his hat into the ring this cycle; that’s why he’s not on the ticket. Same thing Elizabeth Warren. Hillary Clinton did. Get over it. I liked Bernie Sanders; I voted for him, but Bernie Sanders lost the primary because he whined about the system being rigged. Yes, it was rigged, but you’re not allowed to whine about it. Think of it this way: the racist, xenophobic half of the US was (and still is) rigged against Obama; and after those people couldn’t find any actual fault with him, they started going on about his birth certificate, and he won. Now, there’s a sexist, misogynistic glob of the US that’s heavily rigged against Hillary; she can’t get away with half the crap her male opponent pulls without being branded a liar, and she’s still winning.

No, I like the Blue candidate. I think we’re in good shape.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards. He also has a cat.

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  1. Stewart Lawrence says

    The race is far from over but I do think the momentum has just shifted toward Trump — in a big way, too. The media all but tried to drive him out of the race. The man behind the curtain, you say? I’m afraid that’s the American voter. Hillary & Co. better come up with something more than Trump is a “meanie” — or it’s over. In the latest polls, she’s not even winning women decisively anymore,. There are real danger sings here..

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