Stop Rewarding Him!

Stop Rewarding Him!

Donald Trump is so vain, he probably thinks this post is about him.

A mother takes her child to the grocery store. At the checkout, the child grabs for a candy bar, and the mother puts it back on the shelf, saying that she’s not going to buy it. The child cries out bloody murder for everyone to hear. In order to save face, the mother then buys the candy bar, and hands it to her child, because this is what she thinks will restore peace.

What’s happening?

To anyone who’s ever studied psychology, this is the classic example of positive reinforcement: even though the mother bought a moment of peace, she’s exacerbated the situation by positively reinforcing the child’s behavior. Or, in layman’s terms, the child has learned that if you want a candy bar, all you have to do is raise hell, and voila.

And mom still doesn’t get it.

On the news yesterday, I overheard some commentator who didn’t understand why a certain presidential candidate received billions in free publicity, and was neck-and-neck with the other candidate, who’s spent millions providing more free publicity for her opponent, and still has people feeling like they don’t know her.

Seriously. They actually don’t get it.

In case you’re one of them, here’s what’s going on: the child has learned that if he wants attention, all he has to do is say something stupid, and he’ll get it. It seems every time he says something outrageous, there’s an article about it on every news site, on every station, and every social media outlet blows up with people decrying these outrageous things he says.

Pay attention: All Trump talks about is how great and wonderful Trump is, and all Clinton talks about is how terrible and horrible Trump is. Trump supporters make excuses for Trump, and Clinton supporters are appalled by Trump. The only people talking about Clinton are Republicans.

If you want to see this nightmare end in November instead of living through it for the next four years, if you truly make America great again, stop covering him. When you see an article about the Red candidate, DON’T CLICK ON IT. As these articles get fewer clicks, it will discourage journalists from reporting on him. And when the Red candidate says something TRULY offensive (again), Do nothing. If we all ignore him, he will go away. Don’t talk about him. Yes, he’s going to throw a temper-tantrum, and yes, it’s embarrassing to be an American at this point.

Just stop giving him candy bars already.

Michael Patrick Lewis is a teacher, and bestselling author of Edge Of God, and Preferred Rewards. He also has a cat.

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