Rehab center to Ke$ha fans: stop sending human teeth

Sarah Webb

The Timber singer has reportedly attempted to start a new art project while spending time at the Timberline Knolls clinic near Chicago, where she is receiving treatment for an eating disorder, according to  Strangely enough, this artistic endeavor involves real human teeth.

According to TMZ, 26-year-old Ke$ha has been incorporating human teeth into bandannas, assorted jewelry and even bras as her latest art project.  While the singer is not allowed to communicate via social media, Ke$ha had a friend post a message to her followers on Twitter, asking them to send her human teeth to “make art.”

The rehab center informed TMZ that it would not allow for Ke$ha to receive and use her fans’ teeth if they arrive.  ”We can’t accept human remains.”  However, the rehab center said that if fans send in fake teeth, they will be accepted.

Ke$ha’s social media ban was apparently lifted on Wednesday when the singer sent out a tweet thanking her fans for the well wishes.  “I’m grateful for all the love and support… i couldnt do this without you.”

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Ke$ha has reportedly attempted to start a new art project during her time in rehab that involves real human teeth, but the treatment center is blocking her fan mail.

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